A Guide to Building the Ultimate Tool Kit


ultimate tool kit

DIY home repairs have become a $350 billion industry.

Whether you’re just getting into craft projects or you’re a fan of DIY home repairs, you need the right tools. The ultimate tool kit can ensure that you’re never left using a butter knife for a screwdriver or trying to pull out a nail with a can opener.

Here are eight essential items for creating the ultimate tool kit to cover common home repairs and DIY projects.

Claw Hammer

A basic 16-ounce hammer is sure to cover most of your needs. It can drive nails into wood, remove broken screws and help you bang a busted piece of siding back into place.

A solid wooden handle will last longer than a synthetic one would and will give you the balance you need when you’re working. See which one feels most comfortable and trust your arm.


Don’t cut corners on screwdrivers. Be sure to have flathead and Phillips options. Trying to use one when you need the other will only make your job harder in the long run.

A solidly build flathead will find its way into a variety of jobs from prying open paint cans to fixing door handles. Flathead and Phillips screw sizes vary for different uses so get yourself a set with some variety.

Crescent Wrench

A crescent wrench is a diverse tool for lots of jobs. You can perform bicycle maintenance and minor plumbing jobs with the right wrench.

Much like screwdrivers, your uses could vary so it might be helpful to get a small and a large one.

Socket Set

Cars, bikes, and all sorts of mechanical objects use sockets of varying types. Most common are six-sided, 12 sided and impact sockets. Be sure you get a socket set that has a variety available.

It can be fun and empowering to fix your own vehicle. Just make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job to ensure your safety and security.

Pliers and Grips

Needlenose pliers have all sorts of uses from repairing sewing machines to working with small electronics. Be sure you buy a quality pair that suits the scale of the jobs you think you’ll be doing.

A nice pair of vice grips, while different, can be used in conjunction with pliers for automotive repair. Standard 5-10WR will suit most of your home and auto needs.

Cordless Drill and Bits

A nice cordless drill and a good set of bits can be perfect for first-time home buyers. A quality drill can be used to put together modular furniture or tighten up vintage furniture.

A 12V drill will have enough power to build or repair furniture and help you with small construction jobs.

Crosscut Saw

If you want something to trim branches on your lawn in a bind or to take down a couple of 2x4s, a good crosscut saw will do the trick without you having to invest in heavy table machinery.

Tape Measure and Level

“Measure twice and cut once” is the rule for all builders. Don’t go cheap with a tape measure. Get one that seems durable enough to be dropped, stepped on, and banged around in your toolbox for years.

One that includes a level will make sure you hang every shelf correctly.

You’ve Now Got the Ultimate Tool Kit

Look for quality in materials when you start shopping for a tool kit. Good quality tools should be able to last you for decades, depending on how heavily you use them.

Clean exposed metal surfaces with a lightly oiled rag once a year and your tools will last for years to come.

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