GearWrench 80550 57 Piece Socket Set Review

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GearWrench 80550 57 Piece Socket Set

A set of high-quality sockets is something every professional mechanic or DIY enthusiast should have. Knowing you will have always had the right tools makes the job quicker and easier. When it comes to buying the best socket set on the market, the GearWrench 80550 is worth considering. This product is manufactured by Apex Tool Group, which is known for manufacturing professional hand and power tools for different industries.

The case contains57 sockets of varying sizes, including deep and standard sockets in SAE and metric requirements. Each socket has 6 points, which makes them a better choice for heavy automotive work.

These sockets feature large hard-stamped part numbers and sizes on both sides so you can easily spot the tool you need. There will be double lines on the SAE sockets, while knurled lines indicate Metric sockets.

All of them are made of nickel chrome plated alloy steel for durability. The sockets also feature Surface Drive Technology that reduces fastener rounding.

Aside from this, the set also comes with a 120 position 3/8-inch ratchet that has a low-profile head and flush-mounted on and off switch. This particular ratchet is longer than others to give additional leverage.

There is also a second stubby full polish teardrop ratchet. All of these tools are organized in a heavy-duty case and are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 57-piece socket set made by Apex Tool Group
  • Both deep and standard SAE and metric requirements made of durable nickel chrome plated alloy steel
  • All sockets have 6 points, great for heavy automotive work
  • Each socket features large hard-stamped part numbers and size so that you can find the right tool easily
  • Surface Drive Technology reduces fastener rounding
  • Both sides of the tools have large hard stamped part numbers and size
  • Includes a 120 position 3/8 inch ratchet with low profile head and flush-mounted reversing lever
  • Includes a second stubby full polish teardrop ratchet for versatility
  • Includes 3-inch and 6-inch universal joints and extensions
  • Ratchets are longer than others for added leverage
  • All tools are backed by a lifetime warranty from Apex
  • Packaged in a blow mold case


If you are looking for a basic socket set that is complete with every tool that you need, you should try the GearWrench 80550. Manufactured by the Apex Tools Group, this product has been regarded as one of the best socket sets available today because of its amazing features.

As per the writing of this review, it has an average satisfaction rating of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon. That rating is comparable to well-known competing brands in the automotive industry.

The set consists of 57 tools of different types, the majority of them are sockets in SAE and Metric. The sockets included are also classified into standard and deep.

All of them have 6 points, which make them ideal for heavier vehicle maintenance or repair. Because of this assortment, rest assured that you will find the right tool to finish your professional or DIY project.

Aside from this, you will also be able to find the right tools right away. When you open the case, you will see that all tools, including the ratchets, extensions, and universal joints, are organized.

All of them have hard-stamped part numbers and sizes that are easy to read. This will keep you from getting confused about which socket you should use for a project.

Another thing that you will like about the product is the Surface Drive Technology feature. This makes loosening and tightening of fasteners easier, but also protect the fasteners from wearing.


Reading the advantages of this product makes it commendable and worth the investment. However, it does not mean that it is already perfect. One thing that you should take note of is that the ratchet doesn’t have a quick release button.

This feature is something that would make your work more convenient and quicker. Aside from this, some people also find the ratchet being unstable despite being longer than the other brands. Lastly, the sockets are found unstable when attached to an extension.


In spite of a few negative reviews, the GearWrench 80550 57 Piece Socket Set is still worth adding to your garage workshop. It covers most sizes of sockets and types that you will need for both professional and beginner automotive work.

The ratchets do have some issues but if you already have one, this is not a big deal. Aside from this, all of the tools are covered by the lifetime warranty, which is an important feature for any tool that you would want to use for years.

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