Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set Review

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Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set

Whether you are a professional mechanic or someone who occasionally works on your vehicles, a Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set is what you need. The bits are made of superior quality S2 alloy steel that is hard and durable to reduce wear and ensure longevity.

Meanwhile, the sockets are made of high strength chrome vanadium steel that allows greater turning power for tough jobs. You can expect a torque strength that is greater than other cheap brands offer.

Aside from this, the sockets also have a chrome finish to resist corrosion and extend life. Furthermore, the bit tips were precisely and automatically created for accurate sizing. The chamfered bit ends smoothly attach into fasteners, protecting both the bits and fasteners from damaged edges.

For this particular set, you will have 16 pieces of SAE hex bit sockets of different sizes and 16 pieces of Metric hex bit sockets of different sizes. A storage and carrying case is also included in the package.


  • A strong and durable 32-piece set of SAE and Metric hex bit sockets
  • 16 pieces of SAE hex bit sockets
  • 16 pieces of Metric hex bit sockets
  • All bits are made of premium S2 alloy steel that is known for durability and hardness
  • All sockets are made of chrome vanadium steel for greater turning power and torque strength
  • All bit tips were made accurately for precision
  • Features chamfered bit ends that smoothly inserts into any fasteners
  • Total Item Weight is 4.7 lbs.
  • Made in Taiwan and includes free shipping when bought on Amazon
  • May include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee


All sockets may look the same to you, but not all of them are as hard and durable as those made by Neiko. This brand manufactures different tools for home and automotive and ships internationally including the U.S.

A lot of people, especially mechanics, trust their products because of their durability. The Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set has an average of 4.7/5 stars satisfaction rating on Amazon and other online shops.

The set is comprised of 32 pieces of hex bit sockets divided into two types, which are standard-sized SAE bit sockets and Metric bit sockets.

In other words, you will get 16 pieces of SAE bit sockets with varying sizes suitable for 1/4-inch drive to 1/2-inch drive sizes, and 16 pieces of Metric bit sockets with varying sizes suitable 1/4-inch drive to 1/2-inch drive size.

As you may already know, SAE bit sockets are for older models while the Metric bit sockets are for modern models.Either way, this set contains enough sizes for most kinds of vehicle projects.

The best quality of this hex bit socketset is its strength. The bits are made of S2 alloy steel, which is one of the hardest and least ductile materials. It is used by only a few manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the sockets are chrome vanadium steel, which is comparable to the quality of 8650. Mechanics have been amazed by the torque strength when they used these for tightening or loosening bolts.

Furthermore, the high-quality mirror chrome finish of each socket is long lasting, and resistant to corrosion. For only $50, you will already have a cool set of sockets delivered to straight to your garage workshop for free. Plus, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.


Although this set is already a good choice, it is still not perfect. Some people think that the case for the sockets has shallow grooves. You need to be careful when opening the case to keep from dropping pieces. Aside from this, a few buyers have reported missing sockets upon receipt. You can request a replacement from the manufacturer, but this could still be a bother.

There are also people who commented that the set is slightly overpriced. Some competing brands provide more than 32 pieces of sockets with wrenches at the same price. Others are also worried about the product not being made in U.S.


Though there are some disadvantages about this socket set, there is no doubt that it is one of the most durable brands. Some see it as expensive while others see it as a good investment.

For the strong and long-lasting qualities, good customer service, and free delivery, the Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set is indeed worth buying. If you are looking for a socket set that you can use for years to come, this is something you should consider.

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