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SK 89039 Superset

The SK 89039 Superset is a 33-piece screwdriver or bit socket set. This comes at a discounted price of $250 on Amazon with free shipping. All bit sockets have a through-hole design that makes them easier to replace when bits are broken.

Meanwhile, the bits are made from high strength S2 steel with C-Clip retention groove in hex end. The said feature allow you to work more conveniently with any automotive project since they provide a more secure hold on the nut.

The new bit holder design is better than the old version since it stops the bit from slipping out the socket. Aside from this, the sockets are also made durable with their SuperKrome finish that has a maximum corrosion resistance.

The SK 89039 Superset not only ensures that you have the right tool to use for most projects but also guarantees that you will be able to use it for a long time.

Plus, if you use a ratchet, T-handle or spinner handle, and universal joints, greater leverage or torque power is also expected. All of the tools are packed inside a molded plastic set and come with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


  • A 33-piece set of screwdriver or bit sockets, great for most automotive applications
  • Combines SAE and Metric bit sockets for 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch drive
  • Includes 3 Phillips screwdriver bit sockets, a Pozidriv screwdriver bit socket, and 3 slotted screwdriver bit sockets
  • Features a through-hole design for easier replacement of bits when broken
  • Features a C-Clip retention groove in the hex to secure the bit while in use
  • The bits are made of S2 steel and were manufactured following a high standard
  • All sockets have durable SuperKrome finish for longer service life
  • Packed inside a molded plastic set
  • Complete with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


The SK 89039 Superset is manufactured by the SK Hand Tools, a company known for creating professional tools for the automotive industry.

They have been in business since the 1920s providing tools for different companies, until they found their niche in making specialty screw machine products. For the past decades, this company has proven their reliability and credibility.

That is why their sockets, specifically this model bit socket, is one of the best you will see on the market.

The set is a combination of different bit sockets that are compatible with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch drives. Thus, the bit sockets are great for small and medium automotive applications. Aside from this, the set is also divided into SAE and Metric types of bit sockets. The sizes range from 1/8-inch to 3/8 inch and from 2mm to 10mm respectively.

Furthermore, the set also includes 3 slotted screwdriver bit sockets, 3 Phillips screwdriver bit sockets, and a Pozidriv screwdriver bit socket.

With all these, it is easy to say that the set is comprehensive. It has every bit socket you will need for different projects whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Aside from this, the manufacturer also assures you that every bit socket is made for durability. The socket part has a SuperKrome finish while the bits are made of S2 steel corrosion-resistant.

To extend the life of the bits or avoid immediate replacement, there is a C-Clip retention groove in the hex holding the socket in place securely. Because of the quality of this set, high torque is achievable using a ratchet or any universal joints.


On Amazon and other online shops, this product has a whopping 5/5 stars satisfaction rating.

However, it does not mean that it is perfect. There are still limitations and disadvantages that you have to take note of. The customer reviews of this product weren’t so numerous that you might be convinced that it is indeed the set you are looking for.

The low number of customer reviews could be an indication that the popularity of the product is not great. Many people would still prefer a product that has a reasonable rating from verified buyers or users.


Though there are few reviews, the SK 89039 Superset 33 Piece 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Drive Screwdriver Bit Set is still worth considering. If you know howSK Hand Tools is a reliable name in the automotive industry, then it is easy to be convinced.

But if you are using products from this brand for the first time, you might check those bit socket sets from a brand you have tested. Overall, this bit socket set is worth buying.

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