Stanley STMT71652 Socket Set Review

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Stanley STMT71652 Socket Set

If vehicle maintenance is something you’ve been doing for years or something you want to pursue, then the Stanley STMT71652 Socket Set will be a great investment. This socket set has a great assortment of everything you need to finish small or big automotive projects. Unlike other brands, the manufacturer has created a full 123 piece socket set with an affordable price tag of around $48, including free shipping.

When you open the case, you will see some of the most commonly used tools, including a complete set of metric and SAE sized sockets and drive tools. This combination allows you to have quick and easy access to every tool you need as well as the ability to take them anywhere. Aside from this, each of the items is durable and made from high-quality materials.

For example, the drive tools are forged from high-quality steel and have a high-polish nickel chrome or black chrome finish. Meanwhile, the ratchet handles have an ergonomic design. You will find them easy to operate because of the thumb-operated reverse switch mechanism.

The sockets feature the Max-Driver design that offers 15% more torque for tightening fasteners and simplifies the turning of rounded corners. All of them meet the standards and specifications of ANSI.


  • A 123-piece socket set, great for both professional and amateur mechanics
  • Metric and SAE sockets are made of chrome vanadium for torque strength and durability
  • Each has fully polished chrome finish and is corrosionresistant
  • Features Max-Drive design for 15% more torque strength, great for tightening fasteners and turning rounded corners
  • Max-Drive reduces fastener wear by minimizing contact on the fastener
  • Includes drive tools made of high-quality steel with nickel chrome or black chrome finish
  • Ergonomic ratchet handles with thumb operated reverse switch mechanism
  • Features easy-to-reach, low-profile quick-release button
  • All tools included have exceeded the high standards of ANSI specifications
  • Comes with Stanley’s lifetime warranty


Whether you are a professional or amateur mechanic, a complete set of sockets comes in handy every time you do automotive jobs. When it comes to choosing the best socket set, the Stanley STMT71652 Socket Set stands out on the market. In fact, the product has 4.4/5 star satisfaction rating from the reviewers on Amazon.

This set is not just about the quantity, although that is the first thing you will notice about it. Stanley made sure that you will have the right tool when you need it by offering a great assortment of Metric and SAE sockets. Bring it to your garage workshop or store it in your car so that you can maintain or repair your vehicle anytime.

With the combination of tools included in the case, you can work with ease. Again, it’s not all about the quantity but the quality. All ofthe sockets, drives and ratchets are made of high-quality materials such as chrome vanadium for durability.

The ratchets have an ergonomic design that helps make your work more manageable with a quick-release button. They even have a polished chrome finish to be corrosion resistant. All this is available at the very affordable price of $48.

Another thing that you will like about this set is the snap tool box that securely positions each item. This avoids you from getting confused about the sizes because they are arranged in order. It would be inconvenient to have to search through more than a hundred sockets while watching the tools fall out of the case.


The brand Stanley has been manufacturing tools for a long time. However, some of their loyal buyers have remarked that the quality has gone down compared to their older versions. They report that the tools feel rough to turn and are not as greased as they used to be. Therefore, it is recommended that you grease the tools when using them for the first time.

Having 123 pieces of sockets seems like more than enough, but the lack of 1/2 inch drive ¾” socket makes it feel incomplete. This means that you would have to buy these tools separately when you need them in some selected projects.


If you are looking for a socket set at an affordable price, the Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set is highly recommended. It has a comprehensive selection of tools that you will always find handy in any kind of automotive project. The lifetime warranty from Stanley makes this product worth having.

The manufacturer will willingly replace any broken tool at no extra cost. The ergonomic design of the sockets, ratchets, and drives outweighs any slight disadvantages. This socket set is a great addition to your toolbox.

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