Sunex 2569 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Master Impact Socket Set Review

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Sunex 2569 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Master Impact Socket Set

If you are looking for a complete 1/2-inch drive Metric impact socket set, the Sunex 2569 is what you need. This set includes different types of impact sockets that are useful for every small and big automotive project.

For a price of $116, you will have 43 pieces of standard and deep impact sockets ranging from 9mm to 30mm. All of them were built from Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy steel, which is much harder than vanadium steel.

This material ensures a long life with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Plus, all sockets are also made using precise manufacturing processes for accuracy in size and quality.

Aside from this, you will also get extensions that are all compatible with the sockets and recessed fasteners. Meanwhile, the universal joint also adapts to any socket for swivel or flex applications.

This tool pivots up to 22 degrees to tackle hard to reach fasteners. All the sockets have radiused corners that reduce wear and improve torque strength. This feature also prevents rounding of fasteners.


  • 43 pieces of high-quality 1/2-inch drive Metric impact sockets, great for any automotive job
  • Includes a variety of sockets of different sizes from 9mm to 30 mm
  • A combination of shallow and deep impact sockets
  • All sockets are made a much durable material than vanadium steel which is the Chromium-Molybdenum
  • Features radiused corners designed to maximize socket durability and protect fasteners from wear
  • Includes extensions for recessed fastener
  • Includes a 1/2-inch drive universal joint that pivots to 22 degrees and is compatible with any socket for swivel applications
  • Have greater torque and no rounding
  • All sockets have labels of their sizes for easy identification
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty from Sunex Tools


When it comes to impact sockets, Sunex Tools is the name many people trust. That is because the company has proven their reputation by manufacturing high-quality tools for automotive repairs or maintenance.

Since 1977, the company has been one of the experts in the industry. Their 4.7/5 stars satisfaction rating for their Sunex 2569 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Master Impact Socket Set is not hard to believe.

Impact sockets are generally more durable than standard sockets. Yet again, Sunex seems to set a higher standard for impact sockets, using Chrome-Molybdenum rather than Chrome-Vanadium steel.

These materials have same weight but different strengths. According to reviews, Chrome-Molybdenum is stronger and more resilient. Aside from this, it also has a give or flex, making it better for impact sockets.

When you open the case, you will see that all 43 tools are organized and have proper labels. This way, you will easily identify the socket and other tools you need.

The variation of sizes and types in this set are good, providing you everything you need for most automotive jobs.

You will get shallow sockets for low clearance applications and deep sockets for lug nut installation or removal. The deep sockets also grip tight to hard to reach lug nuts.

Speaking of extensions, the set also includes a universal joint for any socket. When you need to do swivel applications, this tool helps you get the job done by its ability to pivot to 22 degrees.

Furthermore, all sockets have radiused corners unique to Sunex so that there will be no rounding and fastener wearing is reduced.


Since no product is perfect, you can expect that the Sunex 2569 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Master Impact Socket Set have some limitations and disadvantages.

Some buyers had problems with duplicate sizes and packaging issues. There have been instances where the case arrived broken.

Though the sockets were all fine, having a broken case is still an inconvenience. Of course, you would want a nice case where your impact sockets and other tools are organized.

And since this is an impact socket, you have to remember to use an impact wrench. An ordinary ratchet or wrench will most likely break if you use it for them. While this may not seem like a major issue, if you’re misinformed about this stuff or are looking to DIY your socket installation then you should be prepared.


This set of impact sockets is no doubt one of the best on the market today. The Sunex 2569 is complete with all the sizes you will need to start and end the job. Most reviews say that the sockets are indeed durable and strong.

This makes the price affordable and decent. Any beginner or professional mechanic would want to have this reliable set.

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