Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set Review

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Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set

If you are looking for a set of impact sockets for your big automotive projects, the Sunex offers their 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set. All sockets have the features and qualities that Sunex is known for.

But with this set, the impact sockets are specially made more durable using Chrome-Moly Alloy steel. And since this material is stronger than chrome-vanadium steel, better torque and performance is guaranteed.

This also ensures long years of service use which is something every professional mechanic and DIY enthusiast would want. The set includes 17 pieces of impact sockets of different sizes ranging from 26mm to 46mm.

You will have every socket you need for different automotive applications. As always with Sunex sockets, the Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set also features radiused corners to maximize socket durability as well as protect fasteners from wear.

All sockets also have labels for their Metric size so that you can easily identify them. All are backed by a lifetime warranty from Sunex Tools and have passed the ASME Specifications. A blow-mold case for storage is also included.


  • A 17-piece set of heavy duty metric impact sockets for 3/4-inch drive, great for a variety of applications
  • Includes Metric sockets ranging from 26mm to 46mm
  • All sockets are made of Chrome-moly alloy steel which is stronger than chrome-vanadium steel
  • Promises greater torque strength and longer durability
  • Features radiused corners to prevent fastener rounding
  • Have passed the strict standards of ASME specifications
  • All sockets are easy to identify because of their labels
  • Sockets are packed inside a blow-mold case
  • Backed by Sunex Tools lifetime warranty


Sunex Tools is one of the most popular brands in the field of automotive maintenance and repair. Many people trust this name for years because of their high-quality tools that promise to make jobs easier and more convenient.

One of the best socket sets they have created which live up to their standards and values is the Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set.

This item comes at a discounted price on Amazon with free shipping. But those are not the only advantages. If you always work with big projects, heavy duty impact sockets are what you need because this ensures higher torque strength than ordinary impact sockets.

According to reviews, this particular set offers exceptional performance when used with impact wrenches. You can loosen and tighten any fastener or bolts without worrying about the socket breaking in the middle of your work. And that is also thanks to the radiused corners unique to this manufacturer.

Compared to a standard socket set, this one might look less extensive. But since you are less likely to encounter heavy duty automotive works, the variation of the impact sockets is enough.

For this set, you will get 17 Metric sockets ranging from 22mm to 46mm. All sockets have their own labels for easy identification. Aside from this, they are also organized inside a blow-mold case.

To ensure buyers of the quality of the sockets, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. For any defect or damage on the socket, you can always call Sunex and ask for replacements. Lastly, all sockets have passed the ASME Specifications.


The Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set has a 5/5 stars rating on Amazon. But the reason for this is because there are very few number of customer reviews.

This is an implication that the item is not popular among professional or beginner mechanics. The lack of verified customer reviews might be a reason why some people are afraid to invest in this product.

Aside from this, the problem with working with impact sockets is that you have to use appropriate tools such as an impact wrench. However, this set does not come with one. So if you do not have an impact wrench, you better start looking as well.


Despite some disadvantages, this product is still worth considering. Since Sunex Tools is already a popular brand, it is safe to say that the Sunex 4684 3/4-Inch Drive Heavy Duty Metric Impact Socket Set is also reliable and credible.

In fact, the impact set has all the features unique to the manufacturer, such as using Chrome-Moly steel and adding radiused corners to maximize the durability of the sockets. Overall, this impact socket set is still a better choice over cheaper impact sockets on the market.

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